Dr. Peter C. T. Chan Dental Clinic

General Dentistry


Dr Chan schedules free consultations during specific times of the week. He sets aside time in his busy schedule to answer questions from new patients who would like to determine what work needs to be done. Fees are determined based on this consultation.

Root Canal Treatment - Endodontic Therapy
During root canal therapy, also known as endodontic therapy, a preliminary examination is required for the dentist to determine the best treatment plan options available before proceeding with dental care. Typical root canal therapy eliminates infection in the decaying or chipped tooth and protects the tooth from future contamination by applying a restorative filling and protective crown.

Extractions (incl. Wisdom Teeth)
We do our best to preserve a patients' original teeth, but in some circumstances extraction is the best treatment option. A treatment plan will be discussed in person with the dentist before the extraction, to plan the replacement of missing teeth if necessary.

Decayed, chipped or fractured teeth are restored using tooth-coloured material to match your natural smile. Restorative treatments include crowns and fillings.

We do our best to accommodate for our patients' emergency on the same day. Contact us by phone at 905.209.8383.

Gum Disease Treatment - Periodontal Therapy
Treatment for gum disease usually includes a deep cleaning process (scaling and root planing) combined with on-going maintenance to maintain healthy gums.

Dental Implants
We offer dental implant services to replace missing teeth. Some patients choose dental implants as a permanent alternative to wearing dentures. Our implants are shaded and personalized to match original teeth as closely as possible for a natural, beautiful smile.

Orthodontics (Payment Plan Available)
We offer orthodontic treatment using braces and retainers to correct bite problems and to help you achieve a beautiful, natural smile. Call us for a consultation.

Young children who have completed the teething process should begin to see a dentist regularly to ensure proper development of dentition. We recommend starting dental visits from the age of 3. We strive to make your child's first visit a positive and enjoyable experience. During the examination, the dentist will introduce oral hygiene principles which are important for maintaining a lifetime of healthy teeth and gums.